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Sean Kinsey, who is also known as "SK", or "Vision 22" is a visual artist from the North and 'uptown' regions of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. SK's work is considered as an urban art style of painting as it has similarities to a fine art and street art aesthetic, yet his work is intended for gallery viewing. Like most street artists, Kinsey is self-taught and says that his work is about "making other people happy and spreading messages of love, positivity and motivation through his creative imagination. He typically uses symbols of hearts, peace signs, and smiles along with uplifting words and his self identifying Vision 22 Art "Smiles" logo. 

The logo is visually depicted in outlines with slight variations but it always features a face with two eyes, the number 22 inside one eye, and a smiling mouth with 5 teeth. The number 22 is specific to his mother's birthday and his personal motto is composed of 22 letters, "Inspiration For Creation".

Using his unique style of what you would call "u



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